Summer Matchmaking Event

  • 16:00 uur
  • 18:00 uur
  • UMCG
  • Life Cooperative

Summer Matchmaking Event

On August 22nd (16.00-18.00, location UMCG), you are welcome to join to meet students from the International Master of Innovative Medicine.

This is an informal Summer Matchmaking Event where the new students will meet the companies of the LIFE Science sector of Groningen regarding projects, internships and future jobs!

You will meet around 40 students with different nationalities and diverse backgrounds including (bio)medical sciences, chemistry, pharmacy, and bio(medical) engineering.

This event is part of the IPIM (Industry Perspectives on Innovative Medicine) Summer School where several LIFE Cooperative members are involved with informative talks e.g.

Do you want to attend? Please send an email to:


Life Cooperative