Integrex Research

There's more to drug discovery
There's more to drug discovery

INTEGREX Research is a drug discovery service company, offering one portal for flexible & custom made services in the range of Hit Finding, Hit and Lead Optimization, up to Pre-clinical Candidate Selection. 

INTEGREX Research is a unique combination of longstanding contract research experience and in depth knowledge of the drug discovery process. With an up-to date infrastructure, a critical mass of over 150 FTE, extensive experience in the management of drug discovery programs, INTEGREX Research provides a multidisciplinary platform enabling for swift and successful hit and lead optimization leading to high quality candidates.

Next to the generic activities needed in the various phases of the drug discovery process, INTEGREX Research offers specific expertise in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, X-ray crystallography, and in vivo disease models in combination with microdialysis and pharmacokinetics.