IQ Products

IQ Products is recognized for the development, manufacturing and registration of innovative kits in niche areas using antibody-based assays for reliable diagnostics. During the more than 25 years of existence IQ Products developed and made available many different diagnostic assays, like the Fetal Cell Count™ Kit.

This kit prevents the unnecessary use of anti-RhD, through improving the diagnosis of Fetomaternal Hemorrhage and is an example of how IQ works towards enhancing assays in the field of non-invasive perinatal diagnosis. The diagnostic kits are developed through cooperation with institutes and other companies worldwide.

IQ Products is investing in making more kits like the Fetal Cell Count™ Kit, especially in the fields of perinatal, sepsis and transplantation, and contributing to better health care with reliable and easy to use innovative assays. IQ Products is doing this by generation of new antibodies and the conjugation of these antibodies with different molecules, like fluorochromes and enzymes.

These developments are primarily based on flow cytometry as a technology. A technology very suitable for detecting rare cells in large populations, which is a specialty of IQ Products.