There's more to Organic Chemistry
There's more to Organic Chemistry

MercachemSyncom is the leading European mid-sized contract research organization that offers innovative best-in-class chemistry solutions. This is delivered by more than 300 employees and operations in Groningen and Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and Prague, Czech Republic.

We provide tailor-made synthetic solutions for the design and synthesis of small-molecule hits to the delivery of first GMP batches of identified clinical candidates. Our molecular inventiveness is based on our firm understanding and extensive knowledge base of organic chemistry. We blend knowledge of hard science with creativity to make great leaps forward to create new connections between previously unrelated molecules.

At MercachemSyncom, we cherish the diversity of opinions that come from all levels in our organization. This provides a constant stream of creative ideas that are translated into pragmatic solutions for your projects. We maintain a personal touch with the resources to support the scale of projects.