Kats Agrifood Consulting


Kats Agrifood Consulting  (KAC) is a dedicated food business and inovation knowledge broker organization that offers added value services in the area of Agriculture, Food (Ingredients) and Life Science. KAC believes that its added value services will generate profit in relation to ones: Knowledge Valorization, New Product Development, Processing and Innovation objectives. The offered expert services are based on passion, dedication, network and professional skills. Due to KAC’s white spot innovation approach the missing link(s) will be identified and solution suggestions will be provided and if desired executed. The main missing links can be categorized as: Funding, Lack of Expertise (Science/Business), Lack of Facilities, Lack of Capacity and Lack of the right partnership. Due to co-creation the KAC experts creates solid foundations to overcome the missing links and as a result NPD/research/innovation/processing and business objectives can develop into profitable deliverables. KAC has executed projects for investment companies, academic hospitals, universities, research & development institutes, food manufactures and ingredient suppliers.

Confidentiality, Collaboration and Trust are the key-stones for KAC's way of operating.

KAC only accept assignments if the KAC experts believe they can deliver.

KAC operates in The Netherlands and Turkey. The KAC activities within Turkey are supported by the Dutch Embassy in Turkey and the Turkish based Netherland Business Support Organizations (NBSO).

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markkats